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Comprehensive Guide to Procuring Medical Supplies

In the continuously evolving space of healthcare and post-acute care, it is crucial for healthcare facilities to stay equipped with the necessary tools and resources. To meet these demands, medical professionals turn to reputable medical supplies distributors. This guide will provide an in-depth understanding of where to purchase high-quality medical supplies.

1. Understanding Medical Supplies and Equipment

Medical supplies encompass a vast range of products used in healthcare facilities, including personal protective equipment, diagnostic equipment, diabetic supplies, surgical instruments, point-of-care lab testing, advanced wound care, and pharmaceuticals.

1.1 Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has become an essential part of healthcare. It includes protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments designed to shield healthcare workers from injury or infection.

1.2 Diagnostic Equipment

Diagnostic equipment, such as stethoscopes and otoscopes, are used to examine patients and help physicians make accurate diagnoses.

1.3 Surgical Instruments

Surgical instruments are tools designed to perform specific actions during surgery or operation. These include scalpel blades, scissors, forceps, and more.

2. Major Distributors of Medical Supplies

Prominent distributors in the market like McKesson Medical-Surgical and Henry Schein and Medresq serve as one-stop destinations for all healthcare facility needs.

McKesson Medical-Surgical

As the nation’s largest distributor of wholesale medical supplies and equipment, McKesson Medical-Surgical supports healthcare facilities with over 300,000 products.

Henry Schein

Henry Schein, a leading distributor to healthcare providers, offers an extensive selection of medical supplies, laboratory equipment, and surgery center supplies.


Medresq is one of the biggest emergency medical equipment supplier and manufacturer in China, provide OEM and ODM production service for many global brand, with a proven track record since establishment in 2005, they commitment to quality is evident through the certifications hold, including ISO, CE, and FDA endorsements.

3. Private Label Medical Products

Several distributors offer their private label medical products, promising the same or better quality as leading national brands. These products come with a satisfaction guarantee, providing additional assurance to the buyers.

4. Inventory Management Tools

Reputable distributors provide robust ordering and inventory tools, enabling healthcare facilities to track expenses, enter purchase orders, approve invoices, and access real-time healthcare product information.

5. Nationwide Distribution Network

A vast distribution network ensures next-day delivery to a large percentage of customers, with high order accuracy. In some cases, distributors can ship online orders directly to patients, providing home delivery services.

6. Medical Supplies for Specific Healthcare Facilities

Different healthcare facilities have unique medical supply needs. Here are some of the categories:

6.1 Home Health Agencies and Long Term Care Facilities

These facilities require general and advanced wound care products, nutritional supplies, CPAP supplies, incontinence supplies, and other healthcare products.

6.2 Home Medical Equipment

For home medical equipment (HME) businesses, distributors offer a catalog of wholesale HME and durable medical equipment (DME) supplies.

6.3 Surgery Center Supplies

Surgery centers require quality surgical supplies, including surgical equipment, custom procedure trays, prescription drugs, IV sets, and orthopedic supplies.

6.4 Physician Office Supplies

Physician offices need a range of medical-surgical products and pharmaceuticals, from needles and syringes to exam gloves, masks, and flu vaccines.

6.5 Health Systems

Health systems require a broad range of products and services, from physician offices to surgery centers and patient’s homes.

7. Laboratory Supplies

Healthcare facilities require a comprehensive line of laboratory products and equipment, from rapid test kits and clinical analyzers to lab supplies like test tubes and refrigerators.

8. Inventory Management Systems

Some distributors offer inventory management systems like McKesson’s ScanManager and SupplyManager, simplifying medical supply ordering and purchasing.

9. Preparing for Flu Season

Distributors like McKesson support healthcare facilities during flu season with influenza vaccines and supplies.

10. Brand Supplies

Reputed distributors offer supplies from high-quality brands like Welch Allyn, Midmark, and Abbott.

11. Promotional Medical Supply Sales

Many distributors offer promotional medical supply sales, providing healthcare facilities with the opportunity to procure supplies at discounted rates.

12. Medical Supplies Online Shopping Experience

With the advent of online shopping, healthcare facilities can now order medical supplies online, check purchase history, and even apply for a line of credit from the comfort of their offices.

In conclusion, purchasing medical supplies involves careful consideration of your healthcare facility’s specific needs. Partnering with a reliable distributor like McKesson Medical-Surgical or Henry Schein ensures that your healthcare facility is equipped with high-quality medical supplies, ultimately contributing to the optimal health of your patients.

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