IV Armboard AZ-AB-01

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IV Armboard

IV Armboard is a specialized medical device designed to secure and immobilize a patient’s arm while an intravenous (I.V.) line or catheter is in place. This short arm splint is used to ensure that the arm remains in a stable position, minimizing movement that could disrupt the intravenous access site. It is commonly employed in medical settings such as hospitals, clinics, and emergency rooms. I.V. Arm Splints are valuable tools in healthcare settings, providing a solution to maintain the integrity of intravenous access sites. By immobilizing the arm, these splints contribute to the safe and effective administration of fluids, medications, or other treatments delivered through intravenous routes.


  1. Secure Immobilization: The primary purpose of the forearmsplint is to immobilize the patient’s arm securely, preventing inadvertent movement that could compromise the I.V. line or catheter.
  2. Open Design: Often designed with an open structure to allow healthcare professionals easy access to the I.V. site for monitoring, adjustment, or administration of medication.
  3. Adjustable Straps: Equipped with adjustable straps or fasteners to ensure a secure fit and accommodate variations in arm sizes.
  4. Lightweight Material: Constructed from lightweight and durable materials, promoting patient comfort during wear.
  5. Comfortable Padding: Includes padding to enhance patient comfort, especially in areas where the splint comes into contact with the skin.
  6. Versatility: Can be used for various types of intravenous access, including peripheral I.V. lines or catheters.
  7. Radiolucent Options: Some variations are radiolucent, allowing for X-ray imaging without the need to remove the splint.


Product Name
IV Armboard
Aluminum and foam
67*26mm 110*30mm 138*36mm 175*55mm 260*90mm
Blue White or customization
Heat shrink packaging
Accept Customized
First aid rescue and Transfusion

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