Baseball Splint AZ-BFS-01

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Baseball Splint

A Baseball Finger Splint is a specialized medical device designed to provide support and immobilization for injuries commonly known as “baseball finger” or mallet finger. Baseball finger occurs when the extensor tendon on the back of a finger is damaged or detached, often as a result of a forceful impact, such as catching a baseball with improper technique. Baseball Finger Splints play a crucial role in the conservative management of mallet finger injuries, promoting proper healing and preventing deformities associated with this type of finger trauma. They are commonly used in sports medicine, emergency care, and rehabilitation settings.


  1. Specific Design: Tailored to address the unique characteristics of mallet finger injuries, where the fingertip droops or is unable to fully extend.
  2. Aluminum Core: Typically features a thin, malleable aluminum core that provides structural support to keep the fingertip in an extended position.
  3. Finger Immobilization: Effectively immobilizes the injured finger, preventing further strain on the damaged extensor tendon.
  4. Secure Fastening: Equipped with straps, hook-and-loop closures, or other fastening mechanisms to securely hold the splint in place on the affected finger.
  5. Lightweight Construction: Designed to be lightweight for comfortable wear, facilitating ease of movement for the rest of the hand.
  6. Comfortable Padding: Often includes padding to enhance comfort during extended wear and reduce pressure points.
  7. Ventilation: Some designs may incorporate perforations or open spaces to allow air circulation and reduce the risk of moisture buildup.
  8. Adjustability: Designed to accommodate variations in finger sizes, providing a customizable fit for different individuals.


Product Name
Baseball Splint


Aluminum and foam
2” 3” 4”
Blue Black or customization
PE bag
Accept Customized
First aid rescue for fracture

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