Bleeding Control Kit AZ-BCK-01

Stop bleeding kit Manufacturer in China. Unbox preparedness! Our bleeding kits is your go-to for expertly curated contents. Dive into Medresq hemorrhage control kit and embrace the security of our bleeding control kit – your reliable partner in emergencies.

Bleeding Control Kit

Your superhero sidekick for dealing with emergencies where there’s some serious bleeding going on. This stop the bleeding kit is like a toolbox, but instead of hammers and nails, it’s got stuff to stop the bleeding.

Inside, you’ve got all sorts of cool gear – we’re talking about special agents that help blood clot, fancy dressings that you can slap on like a superhero cape, and even tourniquets to save the day when things get really serious.

The idea behind this bleed control kits is simple – be the boss when it comes to stopping the bleeding. Whether you’re a regular Joe, a first responder, or a medical pro, this kit’s got your back. It’s all about taking charge in those oh-no moments and keeping things under control until the pros can swoop in. So yeah, it’s like having your own little emergency superhero squad right at your fingertips!


1x Chest Seal Vented
1x Compressed Elastic bandage
1x 36inch Emergency Splint
1x Trauma Shear
1x Israeli compression bandage
1x Tourniquet
1x Emergency blanket

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