Car First Aid Kits DIN13164

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Car First Aid Kits DIN13164

Car First Aid Kits DIN13164 are standardized medical kits designed specifically for vehicles, adhering to DIN13164 regulations. They contain essential supplies to address common injuries and emergencies encountered while on the road, such as bandages, wound dressings, disinfectants, and emergency blankets. These kits ensure that motorists are equipped to provide immediate first aid until professional medical assistance arrives, promoting safety and preparedness on the go.


Product Name First Aid Kit for Car
Size Customized
Logo Customers Logo
Color Customized Colour
MOQ 100pcs
Sample Acceptable
OEM/ODM Acceptable
Delivery time 4-6 weeks

CONTENT LIST (43piece)

First aid kit 1PCS
Sterile patches of various 10PCS
Sterile Bandage size:15cmx180cm Pad size:15x15cm 1PCS
Medical Gloves PVC 2PAIRS
PE Tape-5cmx5m 1PCS
Emergency blanket Silver color-130x210cm 2PCS
First aid resuscitation mask for artificial respiration 2PCS
Sterile wound dressing 10x10cm 10PCS
Triangular bandage 90cmx90cmx127cm 2PCS
Non-sterile bandage 10cm x 5m 5PCS
Scissor 15cm 1PCS
Ice pack 100g 2PCS
Tourniquet 2PCS
First aid manual 1PCS
Product list 1PCS


  1. Compact Design: Vehicle first aid kits DIN13164 is compact and designed to fit conveniently in vehicles, ensuring that it doesn’t take up much space while still containing essential medical device.
  2. Comprehensive Contents: This kit contains a wide range of medical supplies and equipment necessary for providing first aid in case of road accidents or other emergencies. These supplies typically include bandages, dressings, adhesive tape, scissors, tweezers, disposable gloves, and other items required for treating minor injuries.
  3. Emergency Preparedness: Having a first aid kit for vehicle DIN13164 in the vehicle ensures that drivers and passengers are prepared to handle medical emergencies promptly and effectively while on the road, providing peace of mind and potentially saving lives in critical situations.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: The contents of the kit adhere to the DIN 13164 standard, ensuring that it meets the necessary regulatory requirements for first aid kits intended for use in vehicles.
  5. Quick Access: The kit is designed for easy access, allowing users to quickly retrieve necessary medical supplies during emergencies without unnecessary delay.
  6. Portable and Lightweight: Despite containing a comprehensive set of supplies, the Car First Aid Kit DIN13164 remains portable and lightweight, making it easy to transport and ensuring that it doesn’t add significant weight to the vehicle.
  7. Versatility: While primarily intended for use in cars, this first aid kit can also be useful in other settings such as boats, RVs, or other recreational vehicles, providing versatility in emergency preparedness.

Car First Aid Kit DIN13164 offers a compact and comprehensive solution for addressing medical emergencies while on the road, ensuring that drivers and passengers have access to essential medical supplies whenever needed.