Adjustable Cervical Collar for Child AZACC02

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Adjustable Cervical Collar for Child

An Adjustable Cervical Collar for children is a medical device designed to provide support and immobilization to the neck and cervical spine in pediatric patients. Also known as a pediatric neck brace or cervical orthosis, this neck collar is specifically tailored for the smaller neck sizes and anatomies of children. The adjustable feature allows healthcare professionals to customize the fit for individual pediatric patients.Adjustable neck cast for children play a crucial role in providing initial stabilization and support for pediatric patients with neck injuries or conditions. The adjustable feature ensures a proper fit for children of varying sizes, contributing to effective neck immobilization and pediatric healthcare.


  1. Adjustable Design: The collar is designed with mechanisms that allow for customization and adjustment to fit various neck sizes of pediatric patients. This ensures a secure and comfortable fit for children.
  2. Rigid or Semi-rigid Construction: Often made from materials like foam, plastic, or other supportive materials to provide stability and restrict movement of the pediatric cervical spine.
  3. Child-Friendly Closure: Equipped with a secure closure system, such as Velcro or hook-and-loop straps, designed for ease of application and removal while ensuring a snug fit for children.
  4. Chin Support: Some pediatric collars may include a chin support or chin cutout to provide additional support to the lower jaw and prevent excessive movement.
  5. Breathable Material: Constructed from materials that allow air circulation to enhance comfort during extended wear for pediatric patients.
  6. Contoured Design: Shaped to conform to the smaller and specific curvature of a child’s neck, providing optimal support and immobilization.
  7. Colorful or Pediatric-Friendly Designs: Some pediatric collars may have colorful or child-friendly designs to make the device more appealing and less intimidating for young patients.
  8. Indications for Use: Typically recommended for pediatric patients with neck injuries, cervical spine instability, post-surgical support, or as part of the treatment for certain medical conditions affecting the neck .


Product Name
Adjustable Cervical Collar
MCC-01(Adult)/ MCC-02(Child)
Polymer Foam Thermal Materials, Velcro
59*19*0.5 cm (Adult)/ 14*13*0.5 cm (Child)
White / Yellow/ Blue/ Customized Color
Plastic package
Accept Customized
100 sets
Used to support and immobilize a person’s neck

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