Needle Chest Decompression AZ-DN-01

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Chest Decompression Needle

Needle chest decompression also called tpak, is a medical device designed to relieve tension pneumothorax—a condition where air accumulates in the pleural space, leading to increased pressure on the lungs and potentially causing respiratory distress. The decompression needles is typically large-bore and is inserted into the chest cavity to provide a pathway for trapped air to escape, allowing the lung to re-expand and restoring normal breathing. This emergency procedure is crucial in trauma care and is commonly performed in pre-hospital and emergency medical settings to address life-threatening respiratory complications associated with chest injuries. The goal is to quickly and effectively release trapped air, preventing further deterioration and facilitating prompt medical intervention.


  1. Swift Intervention: Enables rapid and immediate intervention in tension pneumothorax cases, a critical condition requiring prompt attention.
  2. Large-Bore Design: Typically designed with a large-bore, facilitating quick release of trapped air and minimizing the risk of blockage.
  3. Minimally Invasive: Represents a relatively minimally invasive procedure compared to more extensive surgical interventions, making it suitable for urgent pre-hospital care.
  4. Emergency Use: Specifically designed for emergency situations, particularly in trauma care, where quick and effective resolution of tension pneumothorax is paramount.
  5. Versatility: Applicable in diverse medical settings, including emergency rooms, ambulances, and combat zones, addressing respiratory distress resulting from chest trauma.
  6. Essential in Trauma Care: Recognized as an essential tool in trauma care protocols, emphasizing its importance in managing chest injuries and preventing life-threatening complications.
  7. Restoration of Lung Function: Facilitates the re-expansion of the collapsed lung by providing a direct pathway for trapped air to escape, restoring normal respiratory function.
  8. Standardized in Protocols: Incorporated into standardized emergency medical protocols and guidelines, reflecting its established efficacy and role in life-saving interventions.


Product Name
Needle chest decompression
Stainless Steel, Plastic
10 Ga x 3.75″ L (Catheter)
Product weight
26 g
500 units/carton (carton size:40*31*24 cm)
Accept Customized
100 sets
to Treat Patients Suffering From Tension Pneumothorax

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