Chest Needle Decompression AZ-DN-02

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Chest Needle Decompression

Chest Needle Decompression, also known as Needle Thoracostomy, is a medical procedure involving the insertion of a large-bore needle into the chest to relieve tension pneumothorax. This emergency intervention is crucial for rapidly releasing trapped air in the pleural space, preventing a life-threatening buildup of pressure around the lungs. It is commonly performed in pre-hospital and emergency medical settings to address respiratory distress caused by traumatic injuries, such as chest trauma or puncture wounds. The goal is to provide prompt relief and restore normal breathing by allowing trapped air to escape, ultimately preventing further complications. Tension pneumothorax decompression needle is a critical skill in the management of chest trauma and respiratory emergencies.


  1. Rapid Pressure Relief: Offers swift and effective relief from tension pneumothorax by promptly releasing trapped air in the pleural space.
  2. Life-Saving Intervention: Critical in emergency situations to address respiratory distress and prevent life-threatening complications associated with increased chest pressure.
  3. Minimally Invasive: Involves the insertion of a large-bore needle, making it a relatively quick and minimally invasive procedure when compared to more extensive interventions.
  4. Pre-hospital Application: Particularly valuable in pre-hospital and emergency medical settings where immediate intervention is crucial before reaching a medical facility.
  5. Essential Skill in Trauma Care: Considered a fundamental skill in the management of chest trauma, penetrating injuries, and other conditions leading to tension pneumothorax.
  6. Restoration of Normal Breathing: Facilitates the restoration of normal breathing patterns by alleviating pressure on the lungs, improving overall respiratory function.
  7. Standard in Emergency Protocols: Widely incorporated into emergency medical protocols and trauma care guidelines, reflecting its recognized efficacy in critical situations.


Product Name
Chest Needle Decompression
Medresq –
Stainless Steel, Plastic
10 Ga x 3.75″ L (Catheter)
Product weight
26 g
500 units/carton (carton size:40*31*24 cm)
Accept Customized
100 sets
to Treat Patients Suffering From a Tension Pneumothorax

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