Non-Vented Single Layer Round Chest Seal AZ-CSN-01

Medresq premium Chest Seal Wound Dressing products for Open Chest Wounds. Stock up on essential IFAK Supplies for effective Wound Care.

Chest Seal

Medresq “Chest Seal” is a specialized medical device designed to effectively treat, seal, and reseal open chest wounds in various conditions. Engineered for simplicity and rapid application, the Chest Seal, such as the Medresq Chest Seal, is designed to adhere securely to the chest wall. Once applied, it remains steadfast even in extreme conditions, including intense heat or cold, and it withstands exposure to the elements.

The primary purpose of a Chest Seal is to prevent air from entering the chest cavity through an open chest wound, a condition known as a sucking chest wound. By creating a sealed barrier, the Chest Seal helps restore and maintain proper chest pressure, facilitating normal breathing and preventing potential complications associated with chest injuries.

Medresq Chest Seal is crafted to meet the preferred features outlined by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC), ensuring that it aligns with established standards for effective chest wound management in tactical and emergency medical situations.


Comprehensive Trauma Management: Specifically designed for the prevention, management, and treatment of open and/or tension pneumothorax resulting from penetrating chest trauma, addressing a critical aspect of chest injuries.

Innovative Patented Design: Features a patented design with 3-channel pressure relief vents, enhancing its efficacy in managing chest wounds by allowing controlled release of pressure.

Versatile Application: Two Chest Seals are included, catering to the treatment of both entry and exit wounds or multiple penetrating injuries, providing flexibility in addressing diverse chest trauma scenarios.

Advanced Adhesive Technology: Incorporates advanced adhesive technology that ensures a superior seal even in challenging conditions, such as on sweaty or hairy casualties, ensuring reliability in adverse environments.

User-Friendly Application: The Chest Seal is equipped with an easy-to-grip, large red tab for a single-step, peel-and-apply application. This feature allows for quick and straightforward use, and the design facilitates the burping of the wound if necessary, adding an extra layer of adaptability in emergency situations.


Product Name
Non-vented Single Layer Chest Seal, Round
Product weight
3 channels/ 4 channels/ vented/ non-vented
Medresq China Chest Seal Factory Accept Customized
For open chest wounds trauma Care, IFAK Supplies.

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