Cohesive Bandage Wrap AZ-SAB-01

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Cohesive Bandage Wrap

Cohesive Bandage Wrap, also known as a self-adherent bandage, is a type of elastic bandage utilized for the compression, wrapping, and support of injured or wounded areas. What distinguishes it from conventional bandages is its inherent self-adhesive property, eliminating the necessity for additional adhesives. This self-adhesion is a result of the unique texture and composition of the cohesive wrap material. It is commonly employed in medical, sports, and veterinary contexts for its ease of use, flexibility, and ability to maintain a secure yet non-restrictive wrap.


Self-Adhesive: Its self-adherent nature eliminates the need for additional tapes or adhesives, simplifying the bandaging process and making it user-friendly.

Elasticity: The cohesive tape is highly elastic, allowing for flexible and comfortable compression. It provides support without compromising the natural movement of the body.

Non-Slip: Due to its cohesive property, the self adhesive wrap adheres to itself securely, creating a non-slip surface. This ensures that the bandage stays in place without constant readjustment.

Breathable: Many cohesive bandages are designed with breathable materials, promoting air circulation to the wrapped area and reducing the risk of moisture-related complications.

Versatility: Suitable for various applications, including medical, sports, and veterinary use. It is commonly employed for joint support, wound dressing retention, and as a first aid tool.

Tearable by Hand: The bandage can be torn by hand, eliminating the need for scissors or other cutting tools. This feature enhances convenience, especially in situations where immediate application is crucial.

Latex-Free Options: Many cohesive bandages are available in latex-free versions, reducing the risk of allergic reactions in individuals sensitive to latex.

Color Variety: Comes in a range of colors, facilitating easy identification and personalization. This can be particularly useful in sports settings or for individuals who prefer a specific aesthetic.


Product Name
Cohesive Bandage
Medresq – Emergency Medical Supplier
5cm width
Open Size L×W
light beige
Product weight
Plastic Bag
Accept customized
Stop bleeding from hemorrhagic wounds

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