Finger Splint Kit AZ-FPS-01

Our Finger Splint Kit, an all-in-one solution, includes the best Finger Splint Set to mend broken fingers with ease. Optimal for finger fracture splints.

Finger Splint Kit

A Finger Splint Kit is a collection of medical devices and accessories designed to provide comprehensive support and treatment for various finger injuries. These kits typically include an assortment of finger splints, often made from materials like aluminum, plastic, or foam, each tailored to address specific types of finger injuries or conditions.Finger Splint Kits are valuable resources in medical settings, emergency care, or first aid situations, providing healthcare professionals and individuals with a range of options to address diverse finger-related injuries effectively. They offer flexibility and convenience in managing various conditions, promoting proper immobilization, and supporting the healing process.


  1. Multiple Splint Sizes and Types: The kit may contain a variety of splints catering to different finger lengths and injuries, such as mallet finger, fractures, or sprains.
  2. Malleable Splints: Some splints in the kit may be malleable, allowing for easy shaping to fit the contours of the injured finger.
  3. Secure Fastening: Splints are equipped with straps, hook-and-loop closures, or other fastening mechanisms to securely hold them in place on the affected finger.
  4. Ventilation: Certain designs incorporate perforations or open spaces to allow air circulation, reducing discomfort and the risk of moisture buildup.
  5. Padding: Broken finger splint in the kit may include padding to enhance comfort during wear and reduce pressure points.
  6. Versatility: The kit offers versatility in addressing a range of finger injuries, providing comprehensive support for different conditions.
  7. Adjustability: Some finger splint pack in the kit may be adjustable to accommodate variations in finger sizes.
  8. Carrying Case: The kit often includes a convenient carrying case for organized storage and easy transport.


Product Name
Finger Splint Kit
Aluminum and foam
2” 3” 4”
Blue Black or customization
PE bag
Accept Customized
First aid rescue for fracture

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