Trauma First Aid Kit AZ-IFAK-01

Medresq – Military first aid kit wholesale, the best first aid bag is your essential companion for any outdoor adventure or military, have the Medresq emergency kit by your side, providing peace of mind in the face of unexpected emergencies. Be it hiking, camping, or exploring the wilderness, this kit is designed to keep you prepared and secure.

Medresq Trauma First Aid Kit

The Medresq trauma first aid kit is more than just a safety measure, it’s your reliable partner. Packed with carefully curated emergency medical supplies, this kit ensures you’re equipped to handle injuries and emergencies seamlessly. From basic wound care to more complex medical situations, our this tactical first aid bag is designed for versatility and ease of use. Crafted with durable materials and smart organization, it’s the perfect blend of functionality and portability.


Product Name Trauma First Aid Kit
Brand Medresq 
Model AZ-IFAK-01
Material Nylon
Size  LxWxH 6.5 x 4 x 8 inches(17×11*21cm)
Color Coyote Brown/Green/Black/Brown/Red/Customized
Product weight Product weight
Packing A single OPP package
Logo/0EM/ODM Accept Customized
MOQ 100sets
Certification CE/ISO
Usage Tactical & Combat Medicine, Military & Army, wilderness & outdoor, EMS & First Aid, Training etc.



1)Anti-flammable and waterproof
2)Lightweight, stream lined design with olive oil color specified for combat tactical personnel
3)Two zippers make it easy to open from both sides
4) It’s possible to hang the bond of stop bleeding or small bags at the two sides of the IFAK pouch to reach them quickly
5)The holder of the belt and the hanging belt on the leg can be removed to allow the bag to be put and tied any way

Included Components

1x Tourniquet
1x 4in Compression Bandage
1x Vented Chest Seal
1x Non-Vented Chest Seal
1x Decompress Needle 10g
1xEmergency Blanket
1x Black Trauma Shear
1x Nasal Airway
1x Lubricant
1x Compressed Gauze
1x Nitrile Gloves
1x Eye Sheild

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