Frog Finger Splint AZ-FFS-01

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Frog Finger Splint

Frog Finger Splint is a type of medical device designed to provide support and immobilization for injuries or conditions affecting the fingers. It is named “frog” due to its distinctive shape, resembling the splayed legs of a frog. This splint is typically used to address specific finger injuries, including mallet finger, fractures, or ligament sprains. Finger fracture splint are commonly used in sports medicine, emergency care, clinics, or rehabilitation settings, offering a specific and anatomically shaped solution for immobilizing and supporting specific finger injuries. The unique design aims to provide effective stabilization while ensuring patient comfort during the healing process.


  1. Aluminum Core: The splint often incorporates a thin, malleable aluminum core, providing structural support and allowing for easy shaping to fit the contours of the injured finger.
  2. Frog-Leg Design: The splint is characterized by a design that resembles the splayed legs of a frog, with the prongs extending along the sides of the injured finger.
  3. Foam Padding: Designed with foam padding to enhance patient comfort during wear and reduce pressure points.
  4. Secure Fastening: Equipped with straps, hook-and-loop closures, or other fastening mechanisms to securely hold the splint in place on the affected finger.
  5. Lightweight Construction: Designed to be lightweight for comfortable wear, allowing for ease of movement for the rest of the hand.
  6. Versatility: Suitable for various finger injuries, providing effective support for conditions such as mallet finger or other injuries requiring finger immobilization.
  7. Adjustability: Some models may be adjustable to accommodate variations in finger sizes.


Product Name
Frog Splint
Aluminum and foam
2” 3” 4”
Blue Black or customization
PE bag
Accept Customized
First aid rescue for fracture

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