Head Immobilizer for Adult AZHI02

Our head blocks spinal immobilization for secure and efficient spinal immobilization. Discover the benefits of this disposable head immobilizer kit, providing the highest level of patient care.

Head Immobilizer For Adult

The Head Immobilizer adult is an indispensable element in pre-hospital emergency care. Specifically crafted for pediatric patients, this specialized device is designed to securely immobilize and provide support to head and neck during critical situations like vehicle extrication or patient transport. Much like its head immobilizer for adults, plays a pivotal role in preserving spinal alignment and reducing the potential for additional injury during the crucial moments of emergency care.

This pediatric head blocks an ergonomic design tailored to the unique needs of young patients. Its compatibility with various emergency equipment ensures that it seamlessly integrates into the workflow of first responders and emergency medical professionals, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of pediatric emergency care. Whether in ambulances, medical facilities, or emergency scenes, the disposable head immobilizer for adult stands as an essential tool to ensure the well-being and safety of young patients in emergency situations.


Material: Constructed from two high-density foam blocks made of waterproof and antibacterial plastic coating.
Ear Control: Equipped with two holes designed to secure the patient’s ears, ensuring comfort and stability.
User-Friendly: Easy to use and simple to clean, providing convenience for medical personnel.
Universal Compatibility: Adaptable to various backboards spine boards and scoop stretchers, offering versatility in usage.
Imaging Compatibility: X-ray translucent and MRI compatible, allowing medical imaging procedures without the need for removal.
Patient Comfort: Enables the immobilization of the patient’s neck in the position initially found, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
Reusable: Designed for multiple uses, promoting cost-effectiveness and sustainability.
Straps Included: Comes with securing stretcher straps to enhance stability and ease of use during medical procedures.


Product Name
Head Immobilizer For Adult
Medresq – Emergency Medical Equipment Supplier
34*27*14/44 *27*14cm
Red/Yellow/Green/Black/Grey/Custom Color
Product weight

1PCS/box, box size: 44*27*14cm.

8 boxes/carton, carton size:56*45*40cm
Accept Customized
First Aid Device, aid in immobilizing a patient’s head and neck.

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