Israeli Dressing 4 inch AZ-EB-01

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What is an Israeli Dressing?

Also known as an Israeli dressing or emergency bandage, is a type of israeli wound  dressing designed for rapid and efficient management of bleeding wounds. It is named after its origin in Israel and is widely used in emergency medical situations. The israel dressing typically consists of a sterile dressing pad, an elastic bandage, and a closure bar or clip. The dressing pad is applied directly to the wound, providing absorption and protection, while the israeli battle dressing is wrapped around the wound to secure the dressing in place and create pressure to control bleeding. The closure bar or clip helps secure the bandage without the need for additional tape or pins, are known for their simplicity and effectiveness in addressing traumatic injuries and are commonly included in first aid kits and medical supplies for both civilian and military use.


  1. Pressure Applying Bar: Equipped with a pressure applicator, allowing for the precise application of direct pressure to the wound.
  2. Retaining Bandage: Incorporates an israeli pressure bandage for effective retention and compression, helping to control bleeding and secure the compression dressing in place.
  3. Securing Clip: Includes a securing clip mechanism to maintain the desired level of pressure on the wound.
  4. Provides Immediate Direct Pressure to the Wound: Enables prompt and direct pressure application upon the wound site, facilitating rapid control of bleeding.
  5. Quick and Easy for Personal or Professional Application: Designed for user-friendly application, making it suitable for both personal and professional use. Its simplicity allows individuals with varying levels of medical training to apply it effectively.
  6. Heavy-Duty Compression Bandage: Functions as a israeli pressure dressing with a robust compression bandage, making it well-suited for managing severe injuries and providing comprehensive wound care.


Product Name
Israeli Dressing
4inch. Or customized size according to customer demands. 
Open Size L×W
Green/Customized color
Product weight
Vacuum packed
Accept customized
Stop bleeding from hemorrhagic wounds

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