Carbon Fiber Kendrick Traction Device (KTD) AZ-TS-01

Industry-leading Kendrick Traction Device for efficient leg traction. MedResq offers top-quality traction splints, including the KTD model.

Carbon Fiber Kendrick Traction Device – KTD

A specialized medical device designed for the pre-hospital management of femur fractures or injuries in emergency medical situations. The leg traction device is commonly used by first responders, paramedics, and emergency medical personnel to provide traction to a fractured or injured limb, particularly the femur (thigh bone), in a controlled and adjustable manner. The ktd traction splint plays a crucial role in the early and appropriate management of femur fractures, helping to stabilize the injured limb, reduce pain, and prevent further complications during the transport of the patient to a medical facility. Its lightweight and radiolucent properties make it a valuable tool for emergency medical services.


  1. Material: Constructed from lightweight and durable carbon fiber, providing strength and stability while keeping the kendrick traction splint’s overall weight minimal.
  2. Telescoping Design: Often features a telescoping or adjustable design, allowing healthcare professionals to customize the length based on the individual’s leg size.
  3. Traction Mechanism: Equipped with a traction mechanism, typically utilizing a ratcheting system, to apply controlled and adjustable traction to the fractured limb.
  4. Carbon Fiber Construction: The use of carbon fiber offers high strength-to-weight ratio, durability, and radiolucent properties, allowing for X-ray imaging without the need to remove the device.
  5. Secure Straps: Features secure straps or fasteners to ensure it stays securely in place on the injured leg.
  6. Padding: Includes padding or cushions to enhance patient comfort and reduce pressure points, especially in areas where the device comes into contact with the skin.
  7. Versatility: Suitable for use in pre-hospital care, emergency response, and ambulance transport, providing an effective means to manage femoral fractures.


Product Name
Carbon Fiber Kendrick Traction Device
Nylon, Carbon Fiber
Total length: 147 cm ,20 units/carton( carton size:52*34*25 cm)
Product weight
Compact Storage Pouch
Accept Customized
Quickly adjusts for adult or Paediatric application

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