Large First Aid Kits

Customized medical supply bag in Medresq factory: our the large first aid bag provide comprehensive emergency medical equipment for efficient first responders.

Large First Aid Kits

Medresq large first aid kits are comprehensive medical supplies use for first responders, designed to handle a wide range of injuries and emergencies. They typically contain a variety of bandages, dressings, antiseptics, tools, and medications, providing ample resources for treating injuries in diverse situations. These huge first aid kit are suitable for workplaces, homes, schools, and other settings where there is a need for extensive first aid capabilities. With their extensive contents, the medical supply bag ensure preparedness for handling medical emergencies effectively.


Product Features
*Brand Medresq
*Weight 0.8kg
*Model Med034-RED/Red
*Material Type Waterproof Polyester Fibre
*Whether the folding Collapsible
*Bags Hardness Moderation
*Dimension information Wide*Hight*Thickness   : 19” (L)X12” (W) X 12”(H), size can be customized.
*Function Medical /Emergency/ Rescue /Daily Healthcare Medical Equipment
Content All emergency medical supplies that inside Medresq the largest first aid kit can be customized according to customer requirements


1.Our first aid kits are all smart,waterproof and airtight, you can easily put it into your handbag if you are leaving
home or office.The first aid supplies in it can handle small injuries and hurts.
2.Any kind of workplace needs a well stocked first aid kit for the employees. If you are not sure about which items
must be packed in it,then you can buy from here.We have a large selection of workplace first aid kit for you to choose.
3.Outdoor first aid kits are useful when you are out of the home or office. For instance, when you go for camping,
hiking and climbing, you need a kit includes essential items like CPR marks and emergency blanket.
4.No matter what kind of sports you are doing, and no matter how you perform it, you are not 100% sure that you
won’t get hurt.So prepare a travel & sport first aid kit handy is necessary.