Small EDC Tourniquet AZ-C01

Medresq- Leading hemostatic tourniquet manufacturer. Our edc tourniquet for police use, featuring the best CAT tourniquet technology. Be prepared for any emergency care situation with this life-saving tool.

EDC Tourniquet

A crucial medical device used in emergency situations, trauma care, and first aid to control excessive bleeding and prevent life-threatening hemorrhage until definitive medical treatment is available.  A small ool, it is part of an individual’s everyday carry kit, intended for quick and immediate use to control bleeding in the event of an injury. EDC Tourniquets are often lightweight, easy to carry, and user-friendly, making them suitable for a range of situations where immediate response to traumatic injuries is crucial. These devices play a vital role in personal safety and are commonly used by individuals who prioritize being prepared for unexpected emergencies in their day-to-day lives, like Police, military personnel, etc.

Noteworthy Features

1. Performance Compression Band
Reinforced polyester webbing maximizes compression during the application process. At a true 1.5″ width, the performance material glides through the Rugged Buckle for quick, snag-free operation and minimizes loss of pressure over time after application
2. Slack Indicator Wedge
Stitched into the Performance Compression Band below the windlass. The contrasting wedge offers a visual confirmation you have pulled all excess slack from the band. This is a critical step for proper tourniquet application and results in fewer windlass rotations required to reach occlusion.
3. Rugged Buckle
Engineered to remove excess slack in a single fluid motion. The buckle’s shape stabilizes the Performance Compression Band at any angle of engagement. The Rugged Buckle is an advanced, lightweight composite design with superior strength over previous versions.
4. High-strength Aluminum/plastic Windlass
Machined from a single aircraft-grade aluminum bar stock, the 5.5” windlass features signature conical ends and grip-friendly texture for consistent torque. Its anodized finish minimizes impacts from environmental elements for durability in any scenario.
5. Retention Assistance Clip
Conveniently holds the windlass in place until you can secure it into the Tri-Ring Lock. This provides steady handling during tough applications and enhances control for one-handed movements.
6. Tri-Ring Lock
Complete the tourniquet application by securing the windlass into the Tri-Ring Lock. It can easily be manipulated with just one hand and prevents the windlass from shifting during patient movement.
7. Time tag
A tag for documenting the tourniquet application time.
8. The use of accessories to complete the locking fixed function, you can achieve effective hemostasis in any case (mud, sand, ice and snow, blood clotting, etc. will cause the performance of the adhesive buckle to reduce, or even fail to complete the effective hemostasis.

Who Use:

  1. Military: In modern military operations, soldiers depend on tourniquets to halt blood flow in the arms or legs caused by battlefield injuries.
  2. Law Enforcement: Police officers, acting as first responders, employ tourniquets to preserve lives at accident scenes throughout the United States.
  3. Fire Service: Firefighters utilize tourniquets to deliver critical first aid for severe injuries sustained in accidents.
  4. EMS: Emergency Medical Service (EMS) teams utilize C-A-T tourniquets, tested and approved by the military, to address trauma-related requirements at the scene of emergencies.


Product Name
Medical Tourniquet Kit
Nylon Material + Rigid Plastics Rod
38*96 cm with red tip,100 units/carton( carton size:52*34*25 cm)
Black / Orange/ Blue/ Tan/ Camouflage / Customized Color
Product weight
82 g
A single OPP package
Accept Customized
Medical tourniquets professionally used to stop blood loss, are commonly used in military, civilian, police, hospitals, schools, cars, and other scenarios. Our first aid tourniquet kit which includes the widely recognized CAT & SOF tourniquet, is designed with advanced features for effective application and reliability. This tool is very suitable for and trauma kits, specifically engineered for first-aid scenarios, to enhance its life-saving capabilities.


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