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Medresq USCG Molle IFAK

The USCG IFAK, or United States Coast Guard Individual First Aid Kit, is a specialized molle IFAK designed for use by members of the United States Coast Guard. Similar to other small first aid kits, the USCG IFAK is intended to provide essential medical supplies and equipment to address immediate medical needs in emergency situations. These kits are tailored to the unique requirements and responsibilities of Coast Guard personnel, ensuring that they have the necessary tools to provide initial medical care while responding to various maritime emergencies and situations. The contents of the first aid molle kit are typically selected to suit the challenges and environments encountered by Coast Guard members during their duties at sea or in coastal areas.


  1. Compact and Portable: The kit is compact and portable, facilitating easy storage on Coast Guard vessels and allowing personnel to carry it during operations.
  2. Comprehensive First Aid Supplies: The USCG IFAK includes a range of essential medical supplies such as bandages, dressings, hemostatic agents, tourniquets, and other items crucial for addressing injuries commonly encountered in maritime environments.
  3. Quick-Access Design: The kit is organized for quick and easy access to medical supplies, enabling rapid response to emergencies and minimizing response time.
  4. Tactical Design: Some versions of the USCG IFAK may feature a tactical design, incorporating durability and functionality suitable for Coast Guard operations.

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