Pedi Board AZ-SPB-06

Medresq – Use our pediatric immobilization device, providing secure and comfortable solutions for effective patient management. Trust us for superior pedi immobilizer.

Pedi Board

A specialized medical tool designed for the secure and controlled restraint or fixation of a child’s body, typically used in emergency medical situations or during certain medical procedures. Our pedi immobilizer ensures the immobilization of specific body parts to prevent movement, providing stability and support for pediatric patients, especially in the context of injuries or trauma.


  1. Secure Immobilization: Our pediatric backboard effectively restricts movement in specific body parts, aiding in the prevention of further injury and ensuring proper medical care.
  2. Padding and Comfort: Our pediatric immobilization designed with padding or cushioning for enhanced comfort, minimizing potential discomfort or distress for the pediatric patient.
  3. Lightweight: Generally lightweight to facilitate ease of use for medical professionals and reduce additional stress on the pediatric patient.
  4. Versatility: Adaptable for various medical scenarios, including trauma situations, transport, or during medical procedures requiring immobilization.
  5. Size and Design:  Medresq pedi immobilizer tailored to the proportions and needs of pediatric patients, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for children.