Emergency Roll Splint AZ-ST-36

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Emergency Roll Splint

Roll splint is a medical device designed for emergency situations to provide support and immobilization for fractured or injured body parts. Typically made of flexible materials such as foam or malleable aluminum alloy, it can be shaped and molded to conform to various body contours by rolling or folding. The purpose of the Emergency splint is to offer immediate support, restricting movement at the site of a fracture or injury, thus minimizing the risk of further damage. This type of first aid equipment is commonly employed in wilderness first aid, disaster scenarios, and other emergency situations where temporary immobilization is required.


  1. Lightweight Construction: Combines the strength of aluminum with the lightweight nature of foam, providing sturdy support without excessive weight.
  2. Malleability: The foam splint is easily moldable and can be shaped to fit the contours of the injured limb, ensuring a customized and secure fit.
  3. Sturdy Support: The aluminum component offers stability, effectively immobilizing fractures or injuries in limbs, promoting proper healing.
  4. Versatility: Suitable for various limb injuries, including arms and legs, providing versatile support in emergency medical situations.
  5. Comfortable Padding: Equipped with foam padding, enhancing patient comfort during immobilization and reducing pressure points.
  6. Quick Application: Designed for rapid application in emergency situations, facilitating swift and effective immobilization of fractures.
  7. Radiolucent Options: Some variations are radiolucent, allowing for X-ray imaging without the need to remove the splint.
  8. Reusable: Many Alumafoam splints are reusable, making them cost-effective for medical facilities with a high patient turnover.
  9. Adjustable Straps: Equipped with adjustable straps or fasteners to secure the splint in place and accommodate variations in limb sizes.


Product Name
Emergency Roll Splint
Aluminum and Foam
50*11cm 90*11cm 100*11cm or customization
Orange Green or customization
Heat shrink packaging
Accept Customized
First aid rescue for fracture

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