Carbon Fiber Scoop Stretcher AZ-CFSS-01

Check the versatility of our scoop stretcher designed for rapid and safe patient transport in critical situations. Choose MedResq for reliable medical equipment.


Carbon Fiber Scoop Stretcher

Carbon Fiber Scoop Stretcher is a medical transport device used to evacuate and stretcher transport injured individuals, particularly those with suspected spinal injuries. It is characterized by its construction using lightweight yet durable carbon fiber materials. The scoop structure design allows it to be split into two parts, with each section placed on either side of the patient, minimizing movement and reducing the risk of exacerbating potential spinal injuries during transfer. This type of emergency stretcher is commonly used in emergency medical services, hospitals, and rescue operations where the quick and safe immobilization of patients is crucial. The carbon fiber construction provides strength and rigidity while keeping the stretcher lightweight for ease of use and portability.


  1. Lightweight Construction: Utilizes carbon fiber, a high-strength and lightweight material, reducing the overall weight of the stretcher for easier handling and transportation.
  2. Durable and Rigid: The carbon fiber material provides durability and rigidity, ensuring the stretcher maintains structural integrity during patient transfer.
  3. Scoop Design: The stretcher can be split into two parts, resembling a “scoop.” This design allows for easy placement and removal without requiring the patient to be lifted, reducing the risk of further injury, especially in suspected spinal cases.
  4. Quick Immobilization: Enables rapid and efficient immobilization of patients, particularly those with potential spinal injuries, minimizing movement during transfer for enhanced safety.
  5. Radiolucent: Many carbon fiber materials are radiolucent, meaning they do not interfere with X-rays. This allows medical professionals to perform imaging without the need to remove the patient from the stretcher.
  6. Versatility: Suitable for a variety of emergency situations, including accident scenes, rescue operations, and hospital transfers, enhancing its versatility in different medical settings.
  7. Easy to Clean: The non-porous nature of carbon fiber makes it easy to clean and disinfect, promoting infection control in medical environments.
  8. Secure Patient Restraints: Equipped with secure straps or restraints to ensure the patient is safely secured during transportation, preventing unnecessary movement.


Product Name
Carbon Fiber Scoop Stretcher
Carbon fiber

117*44cm(folding size)

165-202*44cm(open size )
Black or customization
Accept Customized
Packing Szie
123*50*13cm (1pc/carton)
Packing G.W.

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