SOF Tourniquet AZ-S01

Medresq is one of the biggest sof tourniquet factory in China, production high quality arm and leg tourniquet. Customize your own brand of sof tourniquet, let’s seize a larger market together.

SOF Tournique Definition

SOF (Special Operations Forces) Tourniquet is a specialized device designed for use by military and special operations personnel. It is crafted to meet the rigorous demands of high-stakes environments, providing swift and effective control of severe bleeding in tactical or combat situations. SOF Tourniquets typically feature durable construction, quick-application mechanisms, and adaptability for use on arm and leg. Our arm and leg tourniquet are designed to be easily carried as part of a soldier’s gear, ensuring readiness for immediate response to traumatic injuries in the field. The specific design and features are optimized for the unique needs of special operations forces in challenging and dynamic situations.

Noteworthy Features

1. Performance Compression Band:

Our sof t tourniquet, sourced from a reputable tourniquet factory, features reinforced polyester webbing to maximize compression during application. With a true 1.5″ width, the performance material glides smoothly through the Rugged Buckle for quick, snag-free operation, minimizing pressure loss over time.

2. Slack Indicator Wedge:

Stitched into the Performance Compression Band below the windlass, the contrasting wedge provides a visual confirmation that all excess slack has been removed. This crucial step reduces the number of windlass rotations needed for occlusion, enhancing the efficiency of our ratchet tourniquet.

3. Rugged Buckle:

Engineered for swift removal of excess slack in a single fluid motion, the buckle’s shape stabilizes the Performance Compression Band at any angle of engagement. This advanced, lightweight composite design ensures superior strength, setting it apart in the realm of sof tactical tourniquets.

4. High-strength Aluminum/Plastic Windlass:

Precision-machined from a single aircraft-grade aluminum bar stock, the 5.5” windlass, a feature of our sof t wide tourniquet, boasts signature conical ends and a grip-friendly texture for consistent torque. Its anodized finish minimizes impacts from environmental elements, ensuring durability in any tactical scenario.

5. Tourniquet Retention Assistance Clip:

Our tactical tourniquet includes a retention clip that conveniently holds the windlass in place until securely locked into the Tri-Ring Lock. This feature ensures steady handling during tough applications, enhancing control for one-handed movements.

6. Tri-Ring Lock:

Complete the application with confidence using the Tri-Ring Lock, a robust mechanism that secures the windlass in place. This design reinforces the reliability of our sof t wide tourniquet, making it an essential tool in emergency tactical situations.


Product Name
SOF  Tourniquet
Medresq -SOF Tourniquets Manufacturer
Nylon Material + Metal Windlass Rod Tourniquet
38*96 cm with red tip,100 units/carton( carton size:52*34*25 cm)
Black / Orange/ Blue/ Tan/ Camouflage / Customized Color
Product weight
82 g
A single OPP package
Accept Customized
Tactical Tourniquets professionally used to stop blood loss, are commonly used in military, civilian, police, hospitals, schools, cars, and other scenarios. Our first aid tourniquet kit which includes the widely recognized SOF & CAT tourniquet, is designed with advanced features for effective application and reliability. This tool is very suitable for and trauma kits, specifically engineered for first-aid scenarios, to enhance its life-saving capabilities.

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