Aluminium Alloy Traction Splint AZ-TS-02

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Aluminium Alloy Traction Splint

An Aluminium Alloy Traction Splint is a medical device designed to provide stabilization and traction to a fractured or injured limb, typically the femur (thigh bone). This type of emt traction splint is commonly used in emergency medical situations to immobilize and align the fractured bone, preventing further injury and facilitating transportation and fracture femur traction to a medical facility. The primary goal of an emt splinting is to provide immediate and effective stabilization of femoral fractures, reducing pain, preventing further damage, and improving the overall management of traumatic injuries. It is an essential tool in emergency medical services, enabling responders to provide timely and appropriate care to individuals with lower limb fractures.


  1. Material: Constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy, providing strength and stability while keeping the overall weight of the splint manageable.
  2. Telescoping Design: The splint often has a telescoping or adjustable design, allowing healthcare professionals to customize the length based on the individual’s leg size.
  3. Traction Mechanism: Equipped with a traction mechanism, usually in the form of a pulley system, to apply controlled and adjustable traction to the fractured limb.
  4. Padding: Includes padding or cushions to enhance patient comfort and reduce pressure points, especially in areas where the splint comes into contact with the skin.
  5. Straps and Fasteners: Features secure straps, buckles, or fasteners to ensure the splint stays securely in place on the injured leg.
  6. Versatility: Suitable for use in pre-hospital care, emergency response, and ambulance transport, providing a means to effectively manage femoral fractures.
  7. Radiolucent Construction: Some models may have a radiolucent design, allowing for X-ray imaging without the need to remove the splint.


Product Name
Aluminium Alloy Traction Splint
Nylon, Carbon Fiber
Total length: 147 cm ,20 units/carton( carton size:52*34*25 cm)
Product weight
Compact Storage Pouch
Accept Customized

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