Tactical Trauma Scissors AZ-TR-01

Enhance your medical kit with the best emt scissors from MedResq. Our these first aid scissors are designed for efficiency and durability.

Trauma Scissors

Trauma scissors  are specialized scissors designed for medical and emergency use. Also known as medical scissors, they are designed to cut through various materials, including clothing and bandages, in order to quickly access and assess injuries in trauma situations. Medical scissors typically feature a distinctive blunt tip to prevent injury to the patient while cutting close to the skin.

These scissors are a crucial tool in emergency medical settings, allowing healthcare professionals, paramedics, and first responders to rapidly remove clothing and provide immediate care to individuals with traumatic injuries. The design of EMT scissors emphasizes efficiency and safety, enabling quick and precise cutting in high-stress situations.


  1. Blunt Tip: The blunt tip helps prevent accidental injury to the patient’s skin while cutting close to the body.
  2. Durability: First aid scissors are typically made from durable materials, allowing them to withstand the rigors of emergency medical use.
  3. Quick Cutting: Designed for efficiency, Tactical scissors can quickly cut through various materials, including clothing, leather, and bandages, enabling rapid access to injuries.
  4. Precision: Trauma scissors are designed for precision cutting, allowing healthcare professionals to make accurate and controlled cuts in emergency situations.
  5. Multipurpose: Besides cutting clothing,  can also be used for cutting medical tape, gauze, and other materials commonly encountered in emergency medical situations.
  6. Easy to Clean: Many are designed for easy cleaning and sterilization, crucial in maintaining a sanitary environment in medical settings.
  7. Compact and Portable: Often compact and portable, allowing healthcare professionals to carry them easily in medical kits or pockets.
  8. Versatility: They are versatile tools used in various medical settings, including emergency rooms, ambulances, and during first aid responses.
  9. Accessible Design: Trauma shears are typically designed with features such as large finger loops, enabling ease of use even when wearing gloves.
  10. Standard Equipment: Trauma shear are considered standard equipment in many medical and emergency response settings, highlighting their importance in providing rapid and effective patient care during trauma situations.


Product Name
Medresq Trauma shear
Stainless Steel
19 cm / 15 cm
Plastic Bag
Accept Customized
100 sets
For users to cut cloth, bandages, uniform or cut through the toughest materials

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