Single Layer Vented Chest Seals AZ-CSV-04

Equip your trauma kit with vented chest seals. Trusted rescue equipment for tactical medical supplies.

Vented Chest Seal

Medresq “Vented Chest Seal” is a specialized medical device designed to treat and manage open chest wounds, particularly those caused by penetrating trauma. What sets it apart is the inclusion of vents, which allow for the controlled release of air or pressure from the chest cavity.

The primary purpose of a vented chest seal is to prevent the development of tension pneumothorax, a potentially life-threatening condition where air accumulates in the pleural space, causing pressure on the lungs and heart. The vents in the chest seal permit the release of excess air, helping to maintain appropriate chest pressure and prevent complications associated with chest injuries.

In emergency situations, a vented chest seal is applied over the open chest wound, creating a sealed barrier that prevents the entry of air into the chest cavity. The inclusion of vents in the design ensures that pressure can be relieved without compromising the effectiveness of the seal.

Overall, vented chest seals are crucial tools in trauma care, providing a targeted and controlled solution for managing open chest injuries in various emergency and medical settings.


Tension Pneumothorax Prevention: Specifically designed for the prevention of tension pneumothorax, a critical condition where excess air accumulates in the chest cavity, potentially causing life-threatening complications.

Controlled Air Release: The inclusion of vents allows for the controlled release of air from the chest cavity, maintaining optimal pressure within the chest and preventing the development of tension pneumothorax.

Effective Sealing: Functions as a reliable barrier to seal open chest wounds, preventing the entry of air and minimizing the risk of further complications associated with chest injuries.

Adaptability in Emergency Situations: Designed to be applied swiftly and effectively in emergency situations, providing immediate and targeted care for open chest wounds.

Versatility in Trauma Care: Suitable for a range of penetrating chest traumas, the vented chest seal addresses the unique challenges presented by injuries that involve both entry and exit wounds.

User-Friendly Application: Typically designed for easy application, allowing first responders and medical personnel to quickly and efficiently manage chest injuries in various scenarios.


Product Name
Single Layer Vented Chest Seals
Product weight
3 holes/ 4 holes
Accept customized
For open chest wounds

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