Wire Splint AZ-WS-01

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Wire Splint

Wire splint is a medical device used for the immobilization and support of injured limbs, particularly in cases of fractures or musculoskeletal injuries. It typically consists of a framework made of wire, often aluminum or other lightweight and malleable materials, that is shaped and applied to conform to the contours of the injured limb. The primary purpose of a wire splint is to restrict movement, provide stability, and prevent further damage to the injured area.

Made from fine aluminum wire. It is vinyl coated and easily shaped to fit any angle of injury, contour injures, pocket-sized solution for temporary setting of fractures, and provide maximum immobilization when formed by rounding or bending. It is used with a gauze and triangle bandage and can be easily cut by scissors.


  1. Material: Most aluminum splint are constructed from lightweight and pliable materials like aluminum. This allows healthcare professionals to bend and shape the splint to fit the specific anatomy of the injured limb.
  2. Customization:  often adjustable and customizable, enabling healthcare providers to tailor the splint’s size and shape to the individual patient and the nature of the injury.
  3. Immobilization: The primary function is to immobilize the injured limb, restricting movement and preventing the aggravation of fractures or soft tissue injuries.
  4. Ventilation: The open design allows for air circulation, helping to prevent overheating and ensuring a certain degree of comfort for the patient.
  5. Fastening: Typically secured in place using bandages, straps, or other fastening methods. This ensures that the Wire Ladder Splint remains stable and effective.
  6. Radiolucency: The wire construction is often radiolucent, meaning it allows X-rays to pass through. This feature allows healthcare providers to assess the injury without removing the Cramer Wire Splint .
  7. Emergency Use: Commonly used in emergency or pre-hospital settings to provide initial stabilization before more comprehensive medical treatment, such as casting, can be administered.
  8. Temporary Solution: While Metal Splint offer immediate support, they are often considered a temporary solution. In some cases, they may be used until a more permanent cast or brace can be applied, or until the patient receives further medical evaluation and care.


Wire Splint
 3 3/4″(3.75″/9.5cm)
11 3/4″(11.75”/30cm);23 1/2″(23.5”/60cm)); 30”(76.5cm)
metal white
 1pc/vinyl film

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