Medresq as a prominent OEM/ODM emergency medical products manufacturer in China, has a large medical device factory, specializing in the production of high-quality rescue medical equipment, prehospital EMS medical supplies, military medical supplies and first aid kits. Products are certified with FDA, CE, and ISO standards, offer customization services for global brand.

Medresq as one of the largest IFAK supplier and manufacturer in China, our IFAK pouch is meticulously crafted for your safety. Compact and comprehensive, it’s your reliable companion for any emergency. From minor cuts to unexpected situations, our IFAKS is designed to be your first line of defense. With quality at the forefront, our first aid kit is equipped with essential supplies to address various medical needs. Trust in its effectiveness, and empower yourself to handle unforeseen challenges. Your safety is our commitment, our best IFAK is here to ensure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.

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