Medresq as a prominent OEM/ODM emergency medical products manufacturer in China, has a large medical device factory, specializing in the production of high-quality rescue medical equipment, prehospital EMS medical supplies, military medical supplies and first aid kits. Products are certified with FDA, CE, and ISO standards, offer customization services for global brand.

First Aid Supplies encompass a comprehensive array of essential products designed to address diverse medical needs. Within these kits, you’ll find a range of items such as various bandages (adhesive, sterile gauze, elastic), adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes or solution for wound cleaning, medical scissors and tweezers for cutting and debris removal, sterile dressings to cover wounds, pain relievers, disposable gloves for protection, a thermometer for monitoring body temperature, CPR masks for barrier use during resuscitation, instant cold packs for injury treatment, and a first aid manual providing guidance on administering basic first aid. The contents may vary, as factory, we can OEM/ODM customized according customer demands.

We are a distinguished medical equipment supplier and manufacturer in China, with a proven track record since our establishment in 2005, our commitment to quality is evident through the certifications we hold, including ISO, CE, and FDA endorsements. We take pride in our steadfast dedication to delivering top-tier, reliable emergency medical solutions to a global clientele. We extend a warm invitation to international partners, healthcare institutions, and distributors to explore collaboration opportunities with us. Join us in providing essential first aid kits that can make a significant impact on emergency medical care, ultimately saving lives globally. Choose Medresq as your trusted first aid kit wholesale partner and let’s work together to ensure the availability of high-quality medical equipment for those in need.